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JC ALGO Group is a Canadian Venture Capital firm comprised of global business units, subsidiaries and projects that make up the corporation. Our corporate structure provides global coordination for the partnership to ensure integrity, standards and policies are pursued. Since 2016 we have shown steady growth, attracting professionals and clients from all over the world.

Our mission is to foster the exchange of resources and high-potential ventures innovating within emerging economies; thereby driving disruption, market growth and global expansion.

Our Vision is to be globally recognized for meeting the needs of the present generation without jeopardizing future generations to come by spearheading research initiatives, advocating for new partnerships and inspiring investment into a sustainable future.

JC ALGO Group accumulates strong professionalism on sourcing and technical skills in fundraising & startup aspects. We are dedicated to provide effective and innovative suggestions with advanced technologies to fulfill your continuously growing startup needs.



  • The main strategic business unit is JC ALGO. We focus exclusively on raising capital for projects that significantly impact people, society or the environment in emerging markets. We do this by supporting underserved entrepreneurs seeking series A through C seed funding by outlining a capital raising strategy, forging industry relationships, designing pitch materials and networking with potential investors.


  • A subsidiary of JC ALGO Group, JC ALGO Fund is a private impact investment fund. Grounded in a deep understanding of emerging markets and socially conscious investments, we strive to be the investment option of choice for our partners by providing financial returns, exposure to diverse markets and early stage equity in social/environmental projects. We work openly with our investors to align their investing goal, time horizon and risk tolerance with our investment strategy that invests across a number of markets such as foreign exchange, commodities and stocks. More specifically our portfolio holds low carbon, environment, human rights, cleantech, and government securities in addition to other holdings that prioritize developing markets to exceed financial expectations.




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